Dutch Hollow Mik Olive-P
7-8 305 3x 27,650 4.7% 1,302 3.4% 953
Lifetime to date: 172,671M
7th Milking Senior Yearling, All American 2010
Owned by Maxwell Chittenden

Olive is the dam of 18 registered progeny, including 7JE1219 Dutch Hollow Oliver-P at Select Sires and Dutch Hollow Oscar-P-ET at International Protein Sires. She also has daughters by Listowel, Colton, Viceroy, Chrome and Klay-P.


First-lactation daughters of Oliver-P at Full Circle Jerseys, Dalhart, TX. In 2017, Oliver-P broke the record for Jersey semen sales on a yearly basis at Select Sires, with 95,453 units. He was the organization's second high selling bull in 2018, with more than 93,000 units of semen.

Oliver-P daughters are favorites in herd across the world. Click on our ad below to read more about his dam and daughters that fared well in the Switzerland National Show in 2019.


Another Oliver Daughter:
Covington Oliver Maid-P
3-00 305 16,770 4.5% 755 3.5% 586
Owned by Covington Jerseys, Leon, IA


Olive's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Topeka Oakley-P-ET
2-09 305 3x 22,360 5.3% 1,194 3.9% 879
6th Division II, National Jersey Youth Production Contest, 2017
5-4 348 3x 29,476 5.4% 1,592 3.7% 1,090
Owned by Maxwell Chittenden

She has daughters by Harris, Casino and Radical-P.


Olive's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Volcano Ophelia
1-07 305 3x 20,800 5.2% 1,082 3.4% 714
Owned by Maxwell Chittenden


Olive's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Valentino Omarosa-P-ET
1-08 305 3x 18,810 5.5% 1,043 3.7% 700
Owned by Maxwell Chittenden