Fun Facts

Dairy Industry Facts
  • Cows have four stomachs; they are a ruminant.
  • Cows are herbivores. Therefore, they have no top teeth and flat bottom teeth for grinding their food.
  • A cow becames a mature animal at two years-of-age, when she typically has her first calf.
  • The average life span of a cow is 6-7 years old, but they can live well into their teens.
  • Milk contains nine essential nutrients that we need to maintain healthy bodies.
  • Jersey cows are the smallest dairy breed. However, their milk contains the highest levels of proteins and solids.
  • Whole milk is just 3.25% fat; it is therefore 96.75% fat free.
  • A mature cow eats 100 lbs. of feed a day and drinks 30-40 gallons of water a day.
  • Cows have a baby once a year to keep producing milk.
  • Cows get pedicures about twice a year to keep their hooves shaped properly and healthy.
  • Calves get vaccinations just like children to keep them healthy and prevent them from getting diseases.
  • Family farms account for 98% of the farms in the United States.
  • Farmers make up less than 2% of the population.
  • New York ranks third in the nation for milk production.
  • The United States has the cheapest food in the world. On average, just 10% of our income is spent on food.
The Jersey Cow and Jersey Milk

Jersey milk averages 13% more protein and 16% more calcium than average milk, resulting in a richer-tasting, more nutritious product. The smaller body size of the Jersey cow and their nutrient-dense milk also makes the Jersey more sustainable for cheese production.

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