The purchase of SC Millie from the Cedarcrest Farms Sale in 1999 was the start of the Millie cow family at Dutch Hollow Farm.

This leading lady sent two sons to A.I. and has several grandsons in sampling programs as well. She placed in the Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest in 2008 and 2009 and wound up with lifetime credits of 252,355M, 12,492F and 8,743P.

Her legacy continues in the herd today through her daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters.


SC Millie
5-03 305 30,210 4.6% 1,377 3.1% 950
Lifetime Credits: 252,355M, 12,492F and 8,743P in 4,021 days
Ranked among top 10, Leading Living Lifetime Production Contests, 2008 and 2009

She has nine daughters in addition to Melinda shown below.


Millie's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Jace Melinda-ET
4-02 305 3x 24,090 4.3% 1,047 3.5% 836

Melinda has eight sons in A.I., including Dutch Hollow Alabama-ET, who was syndicated at The All American Jersey Sale in 2006. Melinda was nominated to represent her sire in The Art of Fine Breeding contest in 2008.


Jace Melinda's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Jevon Melinda 822-ET
6-10 305 18,440 4.1% 765 3.6% 671
Owned by Mike and Ellen Glynn, Kokomo, MS

She is the dam of Glynn Valentino Marcin at Alta and Glynn Headline News at Select Sires.


Jace Melinda's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Abe Millie-ET
3-09 305 3x 21,480 4.2% 903 3.6% 766


Jace Melinda's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Jevon Melinda 824-ET
4-00 305 3x 25,310 5.0% 1,277 3.4% 851

She is the dam of Dutch Hollow Mighty at ABS Global.


Daughter of Jevon Melinda 824:
Dutch Hollow Dimension Miranda-Twin
3-11 305 3x 24,190 5.2% 1,258 3.9% 954


Granddaughter of Jace Melinda:
Dutch Hollow Vibrant Milisa
3-0 305 3x 26,740 3.7% 994 2.9% 778

Her dam, Dutch Hollow Jacinto Melinda 536-ET, VG-85%, is a maternal sister to Melinda 824, Abe Millie and Milicent. She recently completed a Hall of Fame record with 30,680M, 1,305F, 968P and 3,340CY at 5-1.