The Mischief cow family may be the most prominent polled family in the breed today.

The matriarch of the bloodline, Kamefield Observer Mischief-P, came to Dutch Hollow Farm more than 30 years ago. Since then, numerous great cows and bulls have been developed from this family, including Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P and her sons, Dutch Hollow Berretta Choice-P, Dutch Hollow Brendon-P-ET and Dutch Hollow Magistrate-P-ET.

Family Matriarchs

Kamefield Observer Mischief-P
5-07 365 20,140 4.9% 986 3.8% 769

The matriarch of the family, Observer Mischief, was born in 1974 and purchased in 1977. She made six lactations and freshened with her last calf in 1982.


Dutch Hollow Lester Mischief-P-ET
9-11 305 20,870 5.1% 1,057 3.6% 744

Observer Mistress is the fifth dam of Lester Mistress, one of the most influential cows at Dutch Hollow Farm. In all, Lester Mischief had seven sons in sampling programs. One of them, Dutch Hollow Direct Deposit-P-ET, was syndicated in The All American Jersey Sale in 1998. This prolific brood cow also has 24 registered daughters.


Three exciting new polled bulls to come from this line today are 200JE349 Dutch Hollow Imagination-P (Iatola x Legion), 7JE1133 Dutch Hollow Motivation-PP (Eclipes-P x Q Zik) and 200JE499 Dutch Hollow Vintage-P-ET (Valentino x Golden). Pictured above is an impressive line-up of Imagination-P daughters.

Masquerade and Her Descendants

Dutch Hollow B Masquerade-P
5-3 305 25,610 4.2% 1,083 3.4% 874

Masquerade-P is a full sister to Dutch Hollow Berretta Choice-P. She left 16 registered daughters and five polled sons that entered A.I. sampling programs. Her son, Dutch Hollow Missile-P-ET, and maternal brother, Dutch Hollow Magistrate-ET, are both available from Taurus Service. Another son, Dutch Hollow Q Mik-P-ET, was used as a service sire at Dutch Hollow Farm.


Masquerade's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Golden Mirage-P-ET
7-7 305 3x 21,270 4.7% 992 3.6% 761

Her polled son by Valentino, 200JE499 Dutch Hollow Vintage-P-ET, is at Semex.


Masquerade's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Gen Match-P-ET
5-00 305 3x 28,660 4.2% 1,210 3.1% 892


Masquerade's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Balance Melody-P-ET
4-08 305 3x 28,410 3.6% 1,019 3.1% 890


Mirage's Daughter:
JX Dutch Hollow Gannon Mirage {3}-P-ET
2-11 305 3x 22,850 4.4% 1,000 3.3% 753

She has daughters by Topeka and Mozart.


Mirage's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Valentino Mimic-ET
5-01 305 3x 26,750 3.5% 946 3.2% 848

he is a full sister to Vintage-P at Semex. She has daughters by Chili, Dimension, Casino and Disco.

Maternal Sisters Tracing to Masquerade-P

Dutch Hollow Iatola Melba
3-02 305 3x 22,630 4.4% 991 3.5% 784

Melba is the dam of Dutch Hollow Dominic-P, a high-GJPI polled Dominican son.


Dutch Hollow Legal Meadow-P
5-04 305 3x 24,060 4.3% 1,046 3.4% 823

Meadow is out of a VG-85% Khan with six records -- five of them over 24,000M -- and a best record of 28,630M, 1,246F and 962P. The next dam is a VG-85% Balance with six lactations as well, all over 22,000M.


Dutch Hollow Visionary Meade-Twin
3-09 305 21,120 4.3% 905 3.6% 756
Owned by Sexing Technologies, Navasota, TX

Meade was the second high-seller of the 2013 National Heifer Sale, purchased by Sexing Technologies. She has 14 registered progeny to date.

Other Descendants of Masquerade-P

Masquerade's Granddaughter:
Dutch Hollow Zik Medly-P
6-08 305 3x 26,360 5.2% 1,359 3.4% 887

Medly is the dam of Dutch Hollow Motivation-PP. She is due in March to Sunset Canyon David and has IVF pregnancies by Samson and Layne. She also has daughters on the ground by Jevon and Eclipes-P.


Medly's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Samson Melange-P-ET
3-11 305 3x 24,710 4.5% 1,115 3.4% 83

Other Family Members

Dutch Hollow Dimension Monika
3-01 305 3x 21,550 5.5% 1,195 4.0% 859

Lester Mischief is the sixth dam of Monika.


Dutch Hollow Valentino Metis
4-04 305 3x 24,680 4.2% 1,043 3.5% 871

Masquerade is the fifth dam of Metis. She is backed by an E-90% Lieutenant, a VG-85% Matinee, an E-90% Galaxy, an E-90% Balance and then Masquerade. All have records over 18,000M.


Mistress' Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Barber Milady-P
4-00 305 26,030 4.6% 1,199 3.6% 929
Owned by Den-Kel Jerseys, Byron, NY

The Kellers purchased Milady in 1998 and developed her as one of the foundation animals at Den-Kel Jerseys. She has five sons in A.I. and four appraised daughters -- all Very Good or Excellent with records over 18,000M.


Lester Mischief's Maternal Sister:
Dutch Hollow S Joe Mistress-P
4-07 305 21,200 4.2% 890 3.6% 766

This leading lady has 21 daughters in addition to Milady and a son in A.I.