Emmi Lee

The Emi Lee cow family is one of the deepest at Dutch Hollow Farm.

Longevity is a hallmark of this cow family, with three generations over 200,000M lifetime.

The cow family has also sent several bulls to A.I., including an Abe son, Dutch Hollow Abram-ET, at Accelerated Genetics.


LF Lester Emmi Lee-ET
6-1 305 25,570 4.2% 1,072 3.4% 862
Lifetime Credits: 240,597M 10,880F and 8,410P in 3,948 days
Ranked among top 10, Leading Living Lifetime Production Contest, 2010


Emmi Lee's Dam:
LF Top Brass Merry Lee-Twin
7-02 305 24,120 4.8% 1,158 3.5% 856
More than 200,000M lifetime


Emmi Lee's Grandam:
LF Joy Aura Lee
11-11 305 19,420 4.5% 871 3.8% 743
2nd 3-Year-Old and BBO, Eastern Regional, 1982
More than 230,000M lifetime


Emmi Lee's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Paramount Emlee-ET
4-10 305 3x 29,850 4.8% 1,419 3.7% 1,119
2nd National Youth Production Contest, Divsion I, 2005
9th National Youth Production Contest, Division II, 2006
4th National Youth Production Contest, Division II, 2008


Emmi Lee's Daughter:
Dutch Hollow Berretta Emilee
Emilee is a maternal sister to Emlee and has seven lactations -- four of them over 21,350M, 980F and 765P. She has eight registered daughters, including full sisters: Dutch Hollow Jace Emmalee-ET, VG-85%, with 27,650M, 1,257F and 978P and Dutch Hollow Jace Elexislee-ET, VG-87%, with 23,940M, 1,085F and 787P.


Berretta Emilee's Granddaughter:
Dutch Hollow Legion Leslee
3-11 305 3x 22,330 5.1% 1,138 3.7% 820
5th Milking Sr. Yearling and Class Premier Performance Winner, All American Jersey Show, 2009
7th Milking Sr. Yearling and PA Protein Winner,
All American Jr. Jersey Show, 2009
Owned by Emily Jane Chittenden

Her daughter, Dutch Hollow Governor Lilee, placed fourth in the milking senior yearling at the All American Junior Show in 2012.


Another Family Member:
JX Dutch Hollow Gatsby Emberlee {4}
2-11 300 3x 18,690 4.9% 924 4.0% 741
Owned by Emily Jane Chittenden